The Polished Lens is Here!!


After many years of sharing life changing lessons via blogging and broadcasting, I step up the game to starting my very own Podcast show – The Polished Lens .

See why it’s sooo gooood to have the right people around you. People who inspire and encourage. People who support you in every season. People with voices that stir you to your next level or better tomorrow. And voices that will warn you at appropriate times. They make up your very much needed Circle of Counsel (coming soon as an episode, you won’t want to miss this.)

I did listen and then I grew. 

Join me fortnightly (Wednesdays actually), as I share lessons that will help you see life through polished lens and be positioned to thrive. Episodes are live and available for downloads on iTunes, Spreaker and Stitcher. 

Subscribe today and get access immediately to the new lessons.

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FolaFayo, the Perception Shaper

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