CrossRoads Live – Broke Ain’t Cool

It’s here finally💃🕺! The very first CrossRoads Live for the year 2020! And we’re talking money people! Yes indeed – BROKE AIN’T COOL 👎

🤔Are you at a point where you can’t wait to hit the next level in finance or wealth, say the next thousand dollars, or ten thousand dollars or even million dollars, but you know you’ve not actually mastered your current level?

🤔Are you home based, and eager to step up your finance level?

🤔Have you found yourself in that place where, every month as a company employee, you can’t wait till Pay day?

🤔Have you been working for years, doing quite fairly with your current income but have nothing you’ve built on the side to settle into in the future; and you constantly push out the thought because your current job is seemingly ‘secure’?

Then this is for session is for you 👍. And if you know a friend who has at least a YES to any of these, you would be truly kind sharing with them.

Join me and Bukki next Friday on IG live as we talk, and answer questions, to address this issue.

Agbeniga Adenaike Adebukola is a financial expert with 2 decades of experience working in a Fortune 500 company. She has worked and lived in different countries in Africa, Asia and Europe.

She is a serial entrepreneur and started her first business at the age of 8. She is passionate about helping individuals and SMEs understand the current state of their finances and then charting a path to financial freedom.

She holds a BSC in Banking & Finance, an ICAN Associate, a certified coach and trainer. She is also married with 3 daughters.

You want to save the date on this one. We look forward to having you.

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