18.12.18 – Fortified Together

It’s 18.12.18, yay!!

My hubby and I are delighted to introduce to the online community “Fortified Together”, a gift from us to all homes to mark our 14th Wedding Anniversary.

We have had a really blessed marriage, and would love to see other marriages around us blessed as well.

It’s interesting to know that even though we had purposed at the very beginning to have a marriage that would be a model to many and example to others, we only started learning and enjoying deeper intimacy in our marriage in the last 7 years or so. (Get the full story on the site)

We are very passionate about families and are excited to develop this platform to resource, support and coach couples in their marriages. We would be sharing strategies on staying and finishing strong, tips on being really intimate and ideas on deepening friendship.

We do not consider ourselves perfect, but we do aim continually for that, so that we can leave a legacy for generations.

Join our conversations on Facebook and Instagram and do visit the FortifiedTogether.com and drop us your thoughts.


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