🤔 Are you at a life crossroad or in a life transition, like a next level point or even relocation; and need to make the right decisions as you get faced with lots of options? Would you want this phase to be smooth and stress free?

🤔 Are you home based, eager to make and enjoy the best of this season and space, by discovering your true self, all the resources and opportunities available to you? (More Here…)

🤔 Are you one passionate about personal development, but actually getting overwhelmed with the many concepts you’ve been learning and still not clear how to plug them into your life to see your desired goals?

🤔 Are you at a point in life where you know there’s more within and for you, and you need to connect with all these to actually ‘up-level’ for a more productive and fulfilling life?


👍If you answered YES to any of these, you’re in the right place and you’re that person I’m delighted to support and work with.


As a certified coach with the John Maxwell Team of international coaches, trainers and speakers; and having worked with different people over the years, you can be rest assured that you will enjoy a remarkable and professional relationship with me, you will also definitely come into the best version of yourself with significant and sustainable outcomes.

Together, we will use The Thriving CODE to help you come into your desired change and to THIRVE.

C – Conscious Awareness & Control Of Thoughts

O – Objective Sensitivity To Seasons

D – Discovery of Self & Desired Goals

E – Effective Use Of The Thriving Formula


 👇 Select your preferred option below and let’s get you started on your journey to that thriving life. You can also send a mail to admin@folafayo.com

“The Sessions With FolaFayo were well-packaged and really impactful. They made me believe more in myself. I think differently now and I feel I can do more. I’m happy I did not miss the session. Thanks a lot. – Bunmi A, Lagos”

Private Coaching

If you’re at a point where you sense a shift for a major change and you need to intentionally step into this with greater clarity and simplicity, this is the path to choose.

This option offers you a pure coaching relationship where we work together to articulate and prioritize your key goals & targets, unveil limiting beliefs, clarify action plans and stay accountable till accomplished. This is an intensive intervention as we delve really deeply, moving from a blur to definiteness and productivity. Included with this package is a dive into your current strengths, motivators and leadership edge.

Private Coaching is a 3 months package with 12 sessions, and 1 follow up session within 3 months.

Every connection is a 60-75mins voice/video call.

Investment is $2,000 (Payment Plans Available & You Could Qualify For A Discount)

Sign Up Here & Start With A Complimentary Session.

Accountability Partnership

This is a hand holding relationship that entails brainstorming, masterminding together on the decisions & progress you’re making per time on your major need and growth plans. With this option we connect once a month – voice/video call for 45 – 60mins.

If you’re one aspiring for more in your space and know that having a partner to be accountable to is key, this option is for you.

This runs for 6months with 6 sessions and 1 follow up session within 3 months.

Investment is $1,200 (Payment Plans Available & You Could Qualify For A Discount)

Sign Up Here & Start With A Complimentary Session.