“Great to have you here, I’m FolaFayo, the Perception Shaper. If you’re in a life transition, at a crossroad or approaching your next level, I can help you. Together, you will (re-)discover your uniqueness, clarify next steps & maximize opportunities so you Thrive (Like CEDAR). My goal is to help shape a clearer perception of self, season and space for that life changing step or decision. Here’s how I help….”



It’s a great pleasure having you on the site. 

Looking back, I can say I’ve had quite an interesting journey in life so far, discovering myself, my gifts, maximizing opportunities and meeting amazing people like you.

My name is ‘Bukola FOLAsade OgunFAYO. Yes, that’s how “FolaFayo” was derived.

Here’s a bit on how my career evolved. I started with Architecture (this I decided on since Secondary /Middle School), got into a bank via its Management Development Training Program then moved to Human Resources where I got certified as an HR Associate. I became restless and wanted more and eventually joined the entrepreneurial ship in 2010.  First I started with Fashion Design (a childhood dream) & then Furniture Design & Production but slowed down on this with the arrival of a new baby some months after. And when I was ready to do more again, I’d discovered my passion for Photography. I started mastering the art and eventually started shooting commercially in 2016. Which is why I call Cairo my city of Passion. It was our honeymoon destination years ago, and where a few years back, I embraced (not to let go) my passion to capture images.

In addition to Photography, I’m very passionate about people development. I believe very much in learning and growing to become all you’re meant to be. It’s rare for me to have people around me and not try to encourage or challenge them to be more. So I’ve always coached informally, mentored or counselled. Consolidating all these so I express appropriately birthed “The Perception Shaper”.

As a Perception Shaper, I help shape a clearer perception of self, season & space for life changing decisions and steps, particularly for those in transitions or at crossroads into the next levels of their lives. When I work with people I support them to discover and maximize their uniqueness, all the amazing resources and opportunities available for them, clarify next steps so they can truly Thrive & live their dreams.

And here’s how I help…


On my Podcast Show – THE POLISHED LENS and CROSSROADS LIVE (my Social Media Live Show) –  I share amazing lessons for inspiration so your perception of life and living fulfilled is shaped. I also coach and support individuals on their growth journeys to becoming, so they can live fulfilled. It’s why I started the “Thrive At Home” initiative to support home-based individuals. I also host a Thriving Online Community on Facebook – Thrive Like CEDAR, where I facilitate learning and growth opportunities. I’m a Certified Independent Coach with the John Maxwell Team (International Body of Coaches, Speakers & Trainers) and a Certified Behavioural Analysis Consultant (The Maxwell method ofDISC).



With headshot photography, the perception others have of you is shaped as you would desire. So I’m intentional to make sure the Headshots  I create with you portrays you as an extraordinary masterpiece

Check Out Some Of My Work Here



On Fortified Together, my husband and I get to help couples shape the right perspectives on marriage so they can thrive and leave legacies. In addition to the fact that we’ve worked with a number of couples, we’ve been married for 15 years now and I’m a Certified SYMBIS Facilitator with a Marriage On The Rock certificate by Marriage Today, USA. So couples, you can be rest assured of the value you’ll get working with us.



I enjoy traveling (& still looking forward to many more trips), and learning (Harvard Extension School was one of my stop points), and spending time with loved ones. 

I have my best friend as my husband (what more could a girl ask for 😉  and we have 3 special adorables that we simply cherish, put in our care by the Giver of Life Himself.

I once blogged actively on FOOTSTEPS – Sharing remarkable life lessons I’ve learnt to encourage and inspire, leaving footprints in the sands of time. 

Let’s connect when you’re ready, I’m sure there’s some Perception points we could shape together.