“THRIVE AT HOME” is an initiative designed to shape the paradigm that being home-based or having an extended time at home is one of the many fulfilling options one could consider to live life at its best. It is focused on supporting anyone who is home-based, to overcome any tendency towards dissatisfaction, be more productive and live fulfilled.  It is also a transition aid for anyone moving out of a corporate lifestyle (typical 9-5 job) to having more time in the home space. 

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Are you ready & eager to dive into the understanding of the key ideas you need to excel in the home-space? Are you considering transitioning out of the corporate world and eager to build the right foundation, and not sure where to start? Then this cheat sheet is what you need, and it is free!!

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The Thrive At Home MasterMind Group is a Signature Program Offering by FolaFayo. 

It is a 4-week online group session. As a mastermind group one of the key benefits, in addition to immersing more in the learnings, is the opportunity to collaborate with others in this space and acquire working strategies that will distinguish you while you’re home based. Invest in yourself today.

If you’re a stay-home dad, stay-home mum, entrepreneur / free lance professional working from home or you’re in some life transition requiring you to spend more time at home, this is a program you want to enroll in.

In August and September 2019, FolaFayo held live sessions on her Instagram handle where she shared key ideas on being effective, successful and fulfilled in the home place e.g. the formula to thriving, demystifying the myths around being home-based and how to position for higher effectiveness amongst others. The audio files are available but with exclusive access to only participants of the group.

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This is a private, coaching & mentoring program. It is customized to suit the individual’s schedule and personal needs in this season. This program will leave the participant with clarity on goals to pursue, a deeper level of self awareness and strategies for personal effectiveness. You could sign up for either the Classic or the Premium option.

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