So when I started embracing photography as a hobby, kids parties were my first opportunities. And it’s still the only event I’m super jolly to cover even now. I get to enjoy the day as a  guest, though looking out for the kids at the same time, but most especially I get to click away :p.  Capturing the details especially of the deco, the spur of the moment expressions and the many fun happenings that can most be appreciated only long after the day. Here are my favourites from Lara’s “Frozen” themed party in my city of passion, Cairo.

img_3212 img_3134 img_3143 img_3149 img_3168 img_3202 img_3195 img_3186 img_3185 img_3206 img_3214 img_3220 img_3240 img_3252 img_3258 img_3246 img_3216 img_3288


4 thoughts on “Lara’s All “FROZEN” Party”

  1. Super proud of you Bukola, keep soaring higher. I look forward to when you’ll take our pictures too..very soon.

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